53rd IFLA World Congress - International Federation of Landscape Architects

20-22 Aprile 2016 | Centro Congressi Lingotto | Torino




For the role played, at the beginning as first capital of Italy, then as an economic and industrial capital, Torino has always been a city open to the international dimension.

A profile which can be summed up today in significant figures: Torino is the third Italian province for volume of exports; the University and the Polytechnic maintain cooperation relations with over 400 universities all over the world; the City has gradually signed cooperation agreements and partnerships with more than 50 cities from all continents; 45 Countries have their consulate here; Torino hosts the headquarters of many leading international agencies, as the ITC/ILO, UNICRI, UN Staff College, the European Training Foundation.

This international opening has further increased in the last two decades: from industrial and manufacturing city – a real factory town – Torino has become a city with multiple vocations: it continues to be an important industrial city, but it is also city of services, home to the two main Italian banks. It is a university town with two universities of excellence and 100,000 students, including 15,000 foreigners.

Furthermore is a capital of culture and a tourist destination ever more renowned. The 2006 Winter Olympic Games have been a chance for a change in quality for the opening of the city because it gave the opportunity to Torino to be on the world stage

Since the Olympics, Torino has continued on its journey of transformation and has now taken its legitimate place on the list of European cities that “deserve a visit”.

Visitors and residents alike are presented with a new city, with a powerful and multi-faceted new identity, and with many surprising and fascinating characteristics. 

In 2011 the 150th anniversary of the ItalianUnification has been another opportunity for a strong international showcase for Torino, visited by more than 100 foreign delegations and hundreds of thousands of foreigners. 

These are the new ambitions of a city with an illustrious history, grand traditions and an extraordinary geographical position, for Torino is located one hour from the mountains and one hour from the sea and it is - in the words of the great architect Le Corbusier - “the city with the most beautiful natural position”.